11/21/2017 – LNG text from speaker provided



Madam Mayor, Tacoma City Council and others represented here tonight.

My name is Dave Strider, Independent candidate for the US Senate to represent the people of Washington in our Nations Capital. It is their voice I hear.

I would like to extend a warm hearted thank you, for providing this forum.

I appreciate the fact that because of your efforts in permitting a toxic LNG plant on the tide flats… Unions will be working and not on the unemployment line.

I wish to continue applauding your lack of vision in relation to the environment, lower counts in salmon runs, destruction of many more. LNG will be another nail in the coffin of our beautiful sound. BUT

It doesn’t stop there I have been led to believe that the Tribal Aquafers are being drained, it will take many lifetimes for them to recover, if they ever do. Also, everyone your rates will increase along with mine.

Now my use is in a competition for fresh water verses the LNG plant using fracking gas and our water where will that water come from and at what cost? Have any of any of you tasted the wonderful fluid they say is safe?

Now let’s switch gears and offer a solution that works. This past general election we lost a unique opportunity to get Two Progressives in positions. Perhaps next time.

Infrastructure, Strategic Assets are not only a States responsibilities, along with the Federal, including Military use. The weight of the decision rests solely upon Local Government. I am looking at mine.

Infrastructure should always come first. Desalination plants = fresh water. As we grow we need to look to projections beyond our lifetimes, Water treatment plants designed to clean Puget Sound. Without Water we die, without water no National Security.

Launching a major Public Infrastructure project, putting new tenets applications on hold. With public expansion the Union, is building while saving their families health! One of the candidates for POS #4 at the Port this year had a good stand on the health of the Sound, smart Lady. She also, had this idea, a Maritime school training, education so much more could be also in that massive public infrastructure plan. Building the school first would give students first-hand experience in sea side industries and the Unions would be working and educating new members to the future.

So I leave this with you tonight. People will ask why I am involved now? I have been involved my entire life. My first run for office was on the environment, education, housing, business and city growth. Pretty much where I stand today, so in parting-

Don’t create another hazardous location-But embrace the future protect our Strategic Assets today.

Strategic Assets, I repeat Strategic Assets.

Number one WATER!






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