01/26/2018 – Local Group help them achieve their goals 4 You.

We have some extremely hard working volunteers on the core WaBC team (Washington Berniecrats Coalition) that are determined to help keep you all informed about important progressive candidates for the 2018 mid-term election, the critical issues that affect all WA residents, and key bills and initiatives before the legislature or congress, or coming directly to all registered WA voters on their ballots this November.

These volunteers are citizen journalists that present to you minus the typical “spin,” the pretentious and slick delivery, and the “bought-off” corporate views and opinions. On the contrary, this is “real” news and information brought to you free of corporate advertisements whatsoever, and is designed to fill in as much as possible the giant gaps in coverage left by the highly compromised and profit-driven corporate owned press.

Instead or working more hours in paid positions, these core volunteers work for “the people,” which includes all visitors to this page and all viewers of their programming. While these programs are produced free of charge, they are not created free of charge. And so, any contributions made to parent UpHill Media go into their own production costs, with the remaining going toward Progressive Washington programming in service to the WaBC and their constituents.

As a result, literally anything you contribute at our donation page through Action Network makes a big difference to our core team at the WaBC. Don’t worry about how small or large your donation is. It makes literally no difference to the WaBC because they know they’re serving a demographic very much like themselves: hard working Washingtonians typically overworked and underpaid in an economy that has been deliberately eviscerated by our three branches of government and their corporate overlords at the state and national level over the past several decades.

We all know that in the end we will win the day via grassroots people-power, and this inevitably involves a large number of people contributing a small amount of time and money to the cause.

So please, I urge you to donate ANY amount you can today to Uphill Media. It’s very easy to do by clicking on the following link:


Your donation will greatly help the progressive independent media wing of the WaBC bring you weekly content you can count on, and anything extra will go toward expanding services that may include things like field reporting on the ground in communities across Washington State.

Thank you all very much for your consideration!!

Donate to help Rhonda, Courtney, Brian, and OZ with the Progressive Washington show. Your donation helps pay the bills, upgrade gear, and spring for an occasional Crew pizza party. All donations are tax deductible – UHM is a 501(c)(3) non profit…






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