01/09/2018- How I am going to pay for it

David Strider I do not know everything about the MMT, but I do know what I thought I knew was incorrect. MMT is the cornerstone of my fiscal equation going into public office. I know this as well, debt for the public spending is not debt, but an investment in the people and the nation. also while I am at it and other things> lets talk how we are gonna spend our resources in the future, >single payer, elimination of student debt, repeal of current marijuana classification, Major Judicial Reform from speed traps to the SCOTUS, re-purpose our military, VA Budget same as the war budget(and that doesn’t mean war for resource), a war against using our limited fossils fuels for energy, not one more nuclear plant until you know how to contain it safely i.e. HANNAFORD < 3-MILE ISLAND< POLLUTION OF SACRED SITES<, end citizen united also term limits and right up there a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill to get caught up with annual expansion, upgrade and maintenance of our natural and man-made systems PROTECT THE WATER, without water there is no USA. increased social security benefits(I believe that is warranted as tens of trillions have been robbed from the SS fund) Military service should not be an alternative to employment. I just wanted to point out my platform highlights how this candidate plans on paying for it. I am going to use principles I learned and still learning in 2017 from Real Progressives, Thanks Joe Joseph M. FirestoneSteven D Grumbine and the host of many, their patience in helping me form my economic policy. You all at RP are and always will be the ammo in my economic voice, but more important the library of fiscal consciousness we so sorely need. now a gratuitous no shame on my part. and now registered with the FEC. davestriderforussenate.com



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  1. John J Barlow Avatar

    With Dave in the Senate. Joe Firestone and Steve Grumbine economics and MMT Gurus have a plan to restore our US sovereignty by doing away with the Fed, World Bank and IMF from keeping this country in a downward spiral of debt you are collateralized the minute your birth record is signed by your parents who unwittingly by cheap shots and deception a collateralized entity, owned by the Queen of England. I bow to no human ever. Dave is a veteran, An honest candidate who will serve the needs of the people and not attack voters as some in this body have done. Much to my chagrin too. I find that any sitting member of Congress that attacks mere citizens in shameful partisan ship is vulgar and not worthy to serve this great body of Democracy.

    1. Rocco million Avatar
      Rocco million

      Lol. So much to correct here. But most importantly, the fed and private credit are not the problem, the problem is Congress starves the economy of public spending to force us into copious amounts of private credit just to consume production and survive. Because credit always dries up, this leads to booms busts and bailouts and govt must move back into a huge deficit position anyway to bailout the rich.

      We say instead, Congress must Deficit enough up front, targeting true full employment with a federally guaranteed living wage job program, to balence the economy. Then the fed and private credit are irrelevant. People wouldn’t be dependent on private credit to Survive to begin with. Learn mmt

  2. John J Barlow Avatar

    Long live the United States of America. To the citizens as wholly righteous owners of the Government of, by and for the People. I support Dave Washington. You should too. Join us in helping Dave Strider help all Americans by retaining Democracy and clean and transparent government and return us from a shadow government who think it’s okay to turn the Democratic nation and Republic that says truth and justice for all is the American Way!

  3. John J Barlow Avatar

    Obviously, I meant to say that the current crop of Neo Liberal acolytes of greed and perpetual war are criminals and as the psychopaths they truly are, a DOJ worth it’s salt would prosecute pretenders to the Democratic Party and through deception, morph this great country into a quasi third world authoritarian in breath and totalitarian in scope. If this concerns you, thank God you are awake. We are the United States. Divide we what?

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