Universal Health Care could be as simple as having a Social Security Card?

What would you say if I told you that your Social Security Card is your gateway to, “Universal Health Care?”  What do You Think? I want to know.






3 responses to “Universal Health Care could be as simple as having a Social Security Card?”

  1. Fran Smith Avatar
    Fran Smith

    Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Emily Avatar

    I think this sounds like an awesome idea. Health care needs to be more affordable and available

    1. David Strider Avatar

      Health Care Emily, is as easy as showing your SSN. When it was issued to you as mine, you were entered into Medicare at the same time.
      I, as others, have a single payer plan using Medicare as the vehicle. I know right? Wasn’t done so easy. No pre-existing conditions, treatments, medicine, appointments, no copays or monthly premium. yes no cost to you or anyone. Occasionally, I will discuss and have Q & A. Trust me, we have the money as a Nation. Answers on how we pay for it. Same goes for education K-20, including trade schools as well. infrastructure, nationwide alternative energy push. some are pushing for 100% completion before or by 2035. I believe we can do it faster. there is much more in store.

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