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Dave Strider:
Political Independent with no current party affiliation, solidly positioned against the establishment of both major parties due to the 40 years of expanding corruption on both sides of the aisle.


“education doesn’t make the man… it is what the man has done with what he has learned, that makes him a man. Does he walk in what is true? If he does then all he says and lives becomes a path others may follow.”

“if you are afraid of losing something, you never had it in the first place.”

Elected Experience:
Appointed and elected as PTA president. Took the leadership role in stopping redistricting including the proposed increases of school levies on property.  Advocate for free education pre-k through grade 12 and all levels of higher education

Personal History:
He was raised in farm country back in SW Ohio, with bitter winters, livestock and buildings that required constant attention. In High School he worked second shift as a tool and die maker. In 1973 David enlisted into the Marine Corps. He taught First aid as he was Red Cross certified.  Higher rank came quickly as did the level of responsibility for David. Serving as Acting Platoon Sgt, during regroup, he re-enlisted into the Judge Advocate General’s office assigned to the military judges.

Background summary: Extensive experience in logistics, operations management at all levels of the organizations both governmental and in private industry. Green Technology advocate and developer, David understands that renewable energy systems are not just devices such as plug in electric cars and solar systems. David says advancing Green Tech is a mind set of optimizing global consumption of our finite resources.

Professional Experience:
My professional emphasis
has always been Customer Service, as that is the lifeblood of any organization’s positive growth, expanding success and profit potential.


Successfully  owned and operated a Sole Proprietorship small business, Woods Clinic. Company mission was working with land owners to maximize their timber stand yield and improve sustainability factors.  1982 – 1985

Customer Service Manager for the nation’s first direct broadcast satellite company, Prime Star/ Direct TV.  1997 – 2000

Client Relations Labor and Industries Insurance public discloser office   Washington State 2001 – 2005

Manager and Systems Developer for Alternative Energy Solutions DBA Solar Winds 2008- 2017

Us Senatorial Candidate Washington State 2017 – Present

Skill Sets: Project Management in the following, Business Development, Customer Relations, Employee Safety, Product Design, Logistics, ITSM, Website Design and Network Configuration, ITIL Certified.


Coastal Carolina Community College Jacksonville NC

Belmont Technical College  St Clairesville OH

Southern State Community College  Wilmington OH

Wilmington College  Wilmington OH

City College  Brooklyn NY

New School for Social Research NYC NY

Evergreen State College Olympia  WA

South Puget Sound Community College Olympia  WA

Areas of study include: Business Admin, Psychology, Personnel Management, Information Technology including network system admin & design.

Summary: Used the GI Bill to study a variety of disciplines, travel, visit see people without the uniform, experience and study many cultures and languages.



Clean water and air are basic human rights and should not be privately owned.  Water is Life.  The rush of privatizing of water resources, and polluting of public waters is a crime against all humanity.  The world must move away from petroleum and other carbon-based fuels.  We must come together globally to STOP fracking everywhere.  Our local, state and federal governments must encourage subsidize, and USE sustainable energy sources to set the example for the general public and private sectors alike.  While both Wind and Solar development will reduce our collective carbon footprint, responsible growth can only be realized through focused programs of sustainability from private citizens, corporate citizens and all levels of government alike.  The responsibilities must not overlook the growth industries of cleaning up hazardous waste from toxic chemical dump sites to the nuclear wastes that threaten our very planet like the still uncontrolled Fukashima disaster now into the seventh year of poisoning the entire Pacific ocean and all the people at the Pacific rim. WE must work together to ensure the farmer’s crops and vegetation are safe for people, animals, and the bees.  Government MUST MOVE IMMEADETLY to support the transition from petro materials to hemp based natural, and biodegradable materials in construction, textiles, and plant based plastic products world-wide.
The massive move to industrial Hemp ties directly to the movement of legalized Cannabis which must be supported by every level of world government.  All responsible legislators must work for not only the repeal of all laws of prohibition, but work for fully pardoning and expunging all the records of any and every person convicted and incarcerated under the 80 years of racist and inhuman laws against cannabis and hemp. My experience for 40 years of pioneering the progress in repeal of the prohibition of cannabis entitles me to recognition as an expert in this area.


Health Care:

Health care is a universal right and must be provided to everyone regardless of ability to pay.
The federal government must expand Medicare and Social Security because they are NOT entitlements, but insurance for Americans that have paid through FICA all their working lives.  These programs must not be cut, but expanded to include no co-payments, premiums or pre-existing conditions in every case. Disabilities of both physical and mental care must be covered, as well as the requirements of all those injured by on-the-job conditions. Those injured on the job should never feel a loss of dignity or belonging to their community or a strain on their family.

Economic Reality:

Taxes do not fun federal spending. Government must come clean with the American tax payers about our taxing and spending realities.  And the reality is this simple. Our country is the richest nation in the world and today most of that wealth is in the hands of just a very few individuals and corporations.  Jeff Bezos alone in just two decades has amassed 130 Billion dollar fortune. Studies show that is enough to virtually end hunger and homelessness in this country.  How is that even possible?  A way to change that corrupt system of wealth amassment must be developed for the common good of our people.   David Supports expansion of  union membership and a living wage targeted at  $18.00.

Social Policies:
The judicial system in our country has evolved into a system of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. We can no longer tolerate the system of for-profit incarceration that has created 25% of the worlds prisoners from 5% of the world’s population.  We must end the current  system of modern slavery where corporations make advantage of prison labor to enhance their bottom lines. WE must bring an END to the reality that the years of sentencing mostly people of color, grows ever longer in pursuit of profit. We can longer continue to pay for an unaccountable  police state that shoots first and asks NO QUESTIONS relevant to the citizens murdered or brutalized by police.  Every officer of the law must be held to account for their actions.  And the pervasive policing mentality of always meeting any situation (think Gaza) with overwhelming force must end! Further, mental health must be treated as the medical challenge it is and not criminalized out of convenience and profit opportunity. Improved protections for rights of all citizens, including the first nations, people of color, LGBTQ and all minority communities must be a priority for all legislators at every level of government. Let’s not forget we must overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It is the one of worst rulings the court has made in the last century.

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