Fall Primary 2018-I Need Your Vote

The top two vote-getters go to the general election in 2018.

I need your Vote. Thank you for your continued support.






5 responses to “Fall Primary 2018-I Need Your Vote”

  1. Maddox Evan Avatar
    Maddox Evan

    I am so happy you turned out to be a great person. You have the same name as my favorite character from a web comic called Homestuck so I was worried that the name was going to be ruined because, now that Trump is in office, oppressors and discriminatory people have held most of the power lately and use it against people and to try and force their beliefs on us. Its because of that we have Nazis in America and someone who has proven to be very similar to Hitler in office. The main difference between Hitler and Trump is that Hitler was actually smart and good in politics and held a strong position as a leader. Trump got lucky and won because of an outdated system and the help of racists, misogynists, anti-LGBT, Russia, and ignoramuses that lack common sense.

    1. David Strider Avatar

      Maddox, I will always defend those who cannot speak. The ails of this country are many and the wealth of this Republic lie in the people, the rich do not realize that, seeing us only as cheap labor and soldiers for a wars. I will not and do not subscribe to any more loss of treasure that cannot be replaced. I am referring to their blood soaked bodies in a foreign land.

      You made a great picture that tells a story. Please continue with your voice. The World needs to crank up the volume level to 11+.
      Thanks for you saying it like it is.
      Your words and support is welcomed. Should I not ever be clear to you. Ask, Always from those that serve you, for additional clarification.

  2. Lily Elliott Avatar
    Lily Elliott

    If I were turning 18 a bit sooner I’d be voting for Mr. Strider.

  3. Lily Elliott Avatar

    If Mr. Strider runs for the senate again in 2021 I’ll be voting for him.

  4. David Strider Avatar

    Thank you but we are running a campaign for US Senate in WA
    We will not be taking out any loans to finance the campaign

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