New Art Links to share and Videos for Dave! 7-20-18



Thank You for visiting Dave Strider for US Senate.

We HOPE this will be a resource and information abbot INDY Dave Strider to all your friends & Neighbors here in Washington!  Check out the Videos folks and share because Dave IS the TRUTH Candidate!! Thanks again

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Nick Hanauer Dave Strider  Our Reality 101 video 

Dave on the Voter Guide 5 min video 

Dave says No WAR on Lies  

Dave Strider Online takes on debate questions with REAL ANSWERS! 13 min

Dave Strider KNOWS TRUTH when he hears it> it IS too bad about Bernie, isn’t it?

Dave Strider Stands with Water Protectors in the Bayou Bridge action

David Strider approves THIS 1961 WARNING from Pres. Eisenhower




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