Dave Strider for US Senate Washington State Question 32


So hey Everybody! David Strider IS the Candidate of TRUTH!  IF you resonate with the TRUTH of the message, I do not care where you live, what your do (unless you are with the NSA or an Oligarch media hit squad) please click the link and visit Dave’s site and leave FIVE Bucks (Or whatever) to help the Candidate of TRUTH set people straight. BTW If we do not get 60 (or even a whole lot more) present of the eligible voters to vote the Oligarch criminal Donor Class will continue to STEAL our retirements, the kids & grand kids futures and it is damn well looking like the Hunger Games Scenario to us who are awake! Got it? This is NO Drill people. There is no Planet B!

Click The Link  http://davestriderforussenate.com/

if you want to say Thanks Dave Good Job Visit the website!!! In Solidarity. Register to VOTE!




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