The ONLY Presidential Option who has seen the COST of WAR first hand Twice!

That’s right Tulsi has worked Two Deployments to conflict zones. Is it any coincidence she is the One The Only PEACE Candidate?  Aloha

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Nick Hanauer Dave Strider  Our Reality 101 video 

Dave on the Voter Guide 5 min video 

Dave says No WAR on Lies  

Dave Strider Online takes on debate questions with REAL ANSWERS! 13 min

Dave Strider KNOWS TRUTH when he hears it> it IS too bad about Bernie, isn’t it?

Dave Strider Stands with Water Protectors in the Bayou Bridge action

David Strider approves THIS 1961 WARNING from Pres. Eisenhower


Do NOT be fooled by the Two parties Neither represents You! Cantwell Video!

Maria Cantwell is NOT your friend either friends. She isn’t Watch this video!

Progressive Washington shares the TRUTH about Washington Senator Maria Cantwell. Click Play arrow & Listen up and Judge for yourself! Who else do YOU KNOW in Washington State who needs to see this?



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