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14th Amendment, Section 3

“… barred forever….” , I would hate to be known as a

David Strider’s Senate Campaign urgently needs your attention.

A shocking $30 billion cut to the VA is on the table, championed by McCarthy and his MAGA allies.

20 April 2023, Our Virtual Town Halls link

Our Virtual Town Halls link & doors open at 330 PM come early get a good seat. Bring your own,

Our Virtual Town Hall by phone Or dial: ‪(US) +1 337-346-2750‬ PIN: ‪748 808

Larry Alger Tribute

My brother. His best trait, in your face, especially if you were lying. Ya made me smile thinking

Redistribute city funds

Rent a room/ Bed and Breakfast, makes some money while making a

Police reform does not mean defunded the police department

Good cops need to get rid of the bad apples. By exposing and eliminating bad apples, once the

1977 I Realize What I Was Doing Was Contrary Oppose to The Laws of The Land.

Everything on the line to help those who he didn’t even

Trump revealed as traitor

First president convicted for being the traitor Dave

Gun Law Update: Background Checks are Needed

We don’t need to expand the gun laws, we need to expand the death penalty! Dave

Healthcare For All is a Right, Not a Privilege

A healthy America, is a strong America! Dave

05/24/2019 – 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre

We must never forget. The sacrifice, continued struggle of Human Rights by those at Tiananmen

Memorial Service for Zhang Jian, Human Rights leader

18 MAY 2019 - Paris France,  Memorial Service for Zhang Jian, Human Rights leader. May we

04/07/2019-King 5 initial report of VA DATA BREACH

This is an important issue questions no answers also go to


There will be weekly updates soon that will grow. I am back active again  This is just the

The ONLY Presidential Option who has seen the COST of WAR first hand Twice!

That’s right Tulsi has worked Two Deployments to conflict zones. Is it any coincidence she is

Problem- Wars for Profit and Tulsi Gabbard is the Solution!

Dave Strider Endorses Major Tulsi Gabbard for President. Yes Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY candidate

“Running For Office Is Really Hard If You’re Not A Millionaire”

Intriguing article on how hard it is to run for Congress. This really relates to all public

What does Dave Strider offer that other progressive candidates do not?

I’m a strongly left-leaning progressive, somewhere in the ballpark of a democratic socialist.


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