12/08/2017 – ***Somehow be committed to attending the trial. ***

Please RSVP to Tacomadirectaction@gmail.com or 253-973-8153. to inform you of trial changes

“The Tacoma LNG Super 6 are (**Support at their Trial is Appreciated – Please RSVP – See Below**):

– Marilyn Kimmerling retired mental health councilor, grandmother.
– Cynthia Linet, lawyer, grandmother, artist of the Gun Show by Cynthia Linet on Facebook and YouTube, she often contributes articles as a guest writer for Real Change on issues of social and economic justice as well as guns.
– Jeff Johnston, retired health care worker, husband.
– Dr. Irene Morrison, community college instructor, and United Auto Workers Union member.
– Freddie Havara, grocery worker.
– Sarah Morken, health care worker.

A coalition of community groups spent more than a year going through official channels to stop the liquid fracked gas plant from being built on their tide flats. The Puyallup Tribe, Redline Tacoma, Green Party Tahoma, Save Tacoma Water, Tacoma Direct Action and others. Despite those efforts, construction moved ahead.

Tacoma Direct Action organized the lock down at the construction site, interrupting work at the site for four hours. They were arrested, spent two days in Pierce County jail. They were charged with second degree criminal trespass and obstruction of an officer.

***Please RSVP to Tacomadirectaction@gmail.com or 253-973-8153 if you are committed to attending the trial. We need to be able to inform you if date or time of trial changes***

Trial is Monday Dec 11 and Tues Dec 12. It starts, Monday Dec 11, 1:30 pm, at Tacoma Municipal Court in the Pierce County City Building 930 Tacoma Ave South.


Live Stream Videos of the lockdown:


Slide ShowVideo. Thank you to Dan Villa from 350 Tacoma for the photos.

Native Daily Network coverage of the lockdown:

Our Go Fund Me for Legal Expenses

Super 6 T-shirt sales:

In solidarity with Olympia Stand blockaders, Standing Rock, Puyallup Water Warriors. Cynthia and Marilyn have demanded a jury trial to state their case about their reasons for locking down in protest of LNG at the Port of Tacoma. Please show your support for them at the courthouse. This will be a major moment for their trial.”

Here is a great article from Native Daily Network about their May 17th action at the Liquid Fracked Gas construction site.

“The LNG plant will hold 8 million gallons of supercooled (-260° F) gas. It will produce between 250,000 and 500,000 gallons a day. The 16-inch pipeline that will feed this gas to the facility is to be built as an extension of the current mainline. Construction is scheduled to begin soon and it’s path shows that the pipe will be laid close to a daycare, peoples homes and businesses. The 8 million gallon facility has the potential explosive force of 166 kilotons of TNT. That is the equivalent of over 11 Hiroshima bombs worth of power.”


Direct Action at the Port of Tacoma as 6 people lock themselves to equipment in protest of the proposed fracked gas facility.
Please RSVP to Tacomadirectaction@gmail.com or 253-973-8153. to inform you of trial changes






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