12/02/2017-Austerity and the Tea Party – Now My Opinion-

I am not some laid back Independent.  I am sick and tired of the PUKES in our Nation’s Capital. If I could pray and punish those who lie to START WAR, have no trouble killing US Citizens. Steal food from the mouth of Children and seniors. Cut programs that are paid into, to give to the Rich, Hedge fun(d) managers destroying working people and when the Market crashes the rich bail them out via our Nations Fiat Money.

You, who are ignoring those who elected you, in favor of embezzling/stealing from the National Treasury, WARS AGAINST COUNTRIES FOR THEIR RICHES. MURDER of THEIR PEOPLE.  As a Veteran, Citizen, and Voter. I am requesting, that a Federal Judge, with all due haste of the charges, I have just mentioned issue warrants of arrest, seizure of all monies, assets, Passports of the entire family who are considered accessories.  For War Crimes against Humanity, via The World Court, while remaining incarcerated until trial.








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