11/27/2017- Campaign Update

People of Washington, we are truly faced with decisions in 2018. What direction will we choose? Is it Health Care? Job Guarantee with living wages, (that is more than a paycheck). Education for all. Re-purpose our Military. Remember, we are not under the gold standard anymore.

True Fiscal responsibility, NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS> We need to break the mold if we are going to recover as a Society. Currently, when Congress tells you we don’t have the money, it means what? that they deemed the 1% need more trickle down coins for you and I. What it really means is that you and I are not worth it. Our worth is valued in the wars and cheap labor we provide for the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). 2018 marks the beginning of their END. We are going to teach some basic economy, MMT-101.

We can have a lot off fun, yes fun from winning. Accomplishment has its own rewards. Let us do it and wake up the people!

I want the most dedicated, positive thinking, writers, and especially handlers (the Candidate-needs help not dropping word bombs), that was a joke but also the truth. I and this campaign need those to help us educate the people to the lies with proof of the lies we have been told. It is going to be difficult at times, I do want to emphasize, we operate on truth. It is truth that will win the day






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