01/23/2018 – READ! Justice is blind! Join me now.


That was a blatant disrespect of the treaty the US Congress signed into LAW, yes Law. not only should he been held by Tribal Authorities but also remanded to a US District Court for violation of said treaty. any and all of his people should have been ordered off of the lands and charged with inciting public discourse i.e. civil disobedience, inciting a riot, and held without bail. Not ONE of the Water Proctors should have had no charges. As for the the fire on the bridge, It would not have been had the Treaty not been violated…. easements through and on Sovereign Territory cannot be justified. It is in an abstract of rights eroding the sovereignty of a Nation that has been recognized by law deemed and made into treaties and law by the US Congress. so says the law, and your ardent supporter candidate,Dave Strider for US Senate. as a senator we make laws for the nation and for the nation not just our own state.






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