01/12/2018 – Donations- please read and understand

I and the Campaign appreciate the financial support that is given. However, IF you are not a citizen of the USA, I cannot accept your financial support. You can SHARE the message I bring to you BUT not your financial resources.

There is a NEW WAVE of Candidates that are upholding the law fighting against Corruption, not taking Super Pac Money, Bundled funds, or non-citizens FUNDS ( I have returned $2520.00-at the date of this posting). I am, and I hope you appreciate the INTEGRITY of this campaign and the MESSAGE, I bring. I was on the World Stage in 1978 and 2018, I will be one of the NEW FACES charting this Nations DIRECTION> JOIN ME AND OTHERS IN THIS EFFORT TO GIVE THE WORLD A NATION THAT IS CO-OPERATIVE, NOT BELIGERANT ACTING LIKE AN EMPIRE, BUT A NATION THAT GUINEUALLY CARES FOR WORLD PEACE.






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