That’s right Tulsi has worked Two Deployments to conflict zones. Is it any coincidence she is the One The Only PEACE Candidate?  Aloha We KNOW it should be Tulsi. Do YOU? Do the homework at Find out WHY Find the Truth Find out NOW before it’s too late Because http://IfightForVets.usRead More →

Dave Strider Endorses Major Tulsi Gabbard for President. Yes Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY candidate for President that has experienced the COST and terror of WAR directly. The WARS for Profit MUST End or those WARS will be the END of America as we know it. Our country is being drained of real resources to build corporate fortunes instead of the welfare and common good of our people. That’s the Truth! Click the headline link  below for the report from American Veterans Assemblage. The ONE Presidential Candidate who has SEEN the Reality and COSTS of War first hand! Tulsi Gabbard  Read More →

Intriguing article on how hard it is to run for Congress. This really relates to all public offices, but this article starts off by saying that “nearly 40 percent of Congress are Millionaires…” it shouldn’t be hard to imagine how tough it would be to run against a millionaire. Read this article to get an idea of some of the struggles of running for public office.    Read More →