My father in law cannot speak due to breathing device, but he heard my voice and wanted to talk so bad. When we first met he would write and in turn I responded. he understands English knows how to read and write and since he could only listen, I spelled each word to him and he listened as I continued to speak, spelling out each word and pronouncing each word. a hard time for all of us …however; he knew I was there, to re-assure him his daughter, so beautiful was safe and happy. His time is short on this plane of life butRead More →

Sander Hicks for US Congress 2 hrs ·  TUNE IN TODAY! 4:00pm EST We’re doing a livestream today at 4pm, right here on Facebook. We’ll be talkng all about upcoming events and getting you up to speed on the progress of the Campaign. Don’t miss out your chance to pose questions and get involved with a progressive, ethical revolution in politics. See you soon, Sander HicksRead More →

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: This Friday, March 13 marks the debut of our weekly radio show “Deeper States of America”. We’ll be on air from 3-5pm at and streaming live on Facebook! Don’t miss your chance to call in, talk to special guests, and ask questions! This week, we’ll be hosting: – Jefferson Morley, author of The Ghost, The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton -And Keith Mundy, national progressive organizer from Ohio, who’s influence will be shaping the course of Congress this election. This is what Deeper States of America Radio is all about: The US Federal Government is out of control. Wars. Secrets. Cover-Ups.Read More →