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Deeper Discussions

Dave Strider for US Senate Washington State Question 32

Dave Strider for US Senate Washington State Question 32 So hey Everybody! David Strider IS

The LATEST Dave Strider information and positions for Voting on Aug 7 2018

And here it is>>>> Dave Strider: Political Independent with no current party affiliation, solidly positioned

Do NOT be fooled by the Two parties Neither represents You! Cantwell Video!

Maria Cantwell is NOT your friend either friends. She isn’t Watch this video! Progressive Washington

2 1/2 minutes of TRUTH folks. Not Lies- Not Fake News- Truth about Dave Strider!

Dave Strider is the Progressive Independent for US Senate in Washington State. He is Running

04/11/2018 Water is Life and A Strategic Resource – Dave Strider

Please take 15 seconds to Listen UP! David is a Marine running Indy challenging the

But this is only part of the fix! What about reparations?

Washington State officials announced plans to ask the courts to remove all misdemeanor marijuana possession

Number 2 in Country, Putting You Number 1

Marine says pot helps to control his 81 allergies. 

01/09/2018- How I am going to pay for it

David Strider I do not know everything about the MMT, but I do know what I

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